adult illiteracy

n MS Excel, create a column to calculate the illiteracy rate. The adult illiteracy rate is 100 minus the adult literacy, right? Have MS Excel perform this calculation for your new column created.

Next, copy the contents of this new column and paste it as values in any empty column in your spreadsheet. That is, you will create a 2nd column that contains the “values” of adult illiteracy rate. Next, have MS Excel delete all observations in this column that is equal to and only equal to 100. You will now use this 2nd new column to plot the relationship between illiteracy rate and GNI per capita.

Now make a scatter plot showing the relationship between GNI per capita (x-axis) and adult illiteracy rate (y-axis). Label scatterplots appropriately. Paste the image (of the scatter plot) into your paper.


 Is the association between GNI per capita and adult illiteracy positive or negative? What economic development and economic growth theories, arguments, and evidence supports (or not) this association? Explain. Be sure your response references academic journal articles (citing our course textbook is permitted) and other credible sources.

 What else, if any, do you notice about the relationship between these two variables?
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