American history

African American Minister after Slavery
1. What images are revealed to Derek Jeter and what do they tell us about his great-great-grandfather’s life?
2. What was unique about Green W. Jeter’s church? What did it offer African Americans in his community?
3. What is the origin of the Jeter family name and how did the show’s researchers uncover this information?
4. As described in the second video, why is this 1870 census an essential tool for uncovering information about African Americans? What important clues about Green were discovered in this census?
5. How does Green’s church link him to his suspected father?
6. What does this video tell us about the suffering, sexual violence, and complexity of slavery? What do you think Derek Jeter means when he says that he hopes the relationship between his third-great-grandparents was “as good as it could be”? What is he actually saying

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