Art and design

Explore the virtual exhibitions and read the exhibition catalogs listed below. These exhibitions are hosted by the Craft in America Center, and celebrate the cup as object and the impact of Bernard Leach on studio ceramics.

After viewing/reading submit a reflection responding to some (at least 2) or all of the prompts below:

  1. What is the exhibit trying to convey? (What is it “about”? Information in the exhibition catalogs should help you.) This portion of your essay is NOT simply a summary of information that accompanies the exhibit but should be your interpretation of said information.
  2. Who is Bernard Leach? Why is he significant? (You might have to do some additional research to figure this out)
  3. If you had to eliminate one work from the exhibits, what work would it be and why would you eliminate it?
  4. What was your favorite piece and why. Include how this piece fits with the overall concept of the exhibit. (Be descriptive—look closely and express as much detail about the piece as you can. Consider the artist’s intentions, the craft, conceptual issues and the piece’s presentation).
  5. What was your least favorite piece and why. (Again, be descriptive and address issues of concept, technique and presentation. This may or may not be the piece you chose to “eliminate”, either way explain your reasons).
  6. Was there anything about this exhibit that was eye-opening for you? (Was there a technique you saw used or an idea you encountered that was new to you and made you want to learn more about it? If not, do you think the exhibit was still successful? (explain why or why not).
  7. A lot of the work on display is meant to be used. Is there a difference between looking at the objects in a museum setting versus using them in someone’s home?