Written Assignments (10% of Final Class Grade)

To elaborate the written assignments you need to choose from de media any article related to the topics covered in class such as demand, supply, interest rate, taxes, subsides, inflation, unemployment.

Your article can be from any media source (newspaper, magazine, website, etc.)

All Written Assignments works will be graded on Gordon Rule requirements, format, content, sources, clarity, connectivity, and quality of analysis. Since this course must meet the Gordon rule requirements, you must submit all three scheduled current events or you may not pass the class.

Miami Dade General Education Outcomes:  The class and writing assignments are designed to reflect and practice

Critical Thinking (Students should be able to solve problems using critical and creative scientific reasoning.)

Numbers / Data Analysis (Students should be able to process, understand and accurately analyze numerical data)

Computer / Technology Usage (You will learn how to use word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation programs.



An article review is a written evaluation of a particular work. It takes the form of an essay. It is done after careful reading, note-taking and analysis of what the author is trying to say. Your review’s length may vary according to the article’s size.

The review consist of four main parts that are placed in continuous narrative.


  1. Description of the work

A one or two paragraph description of the work’s physical structure and any information about the author you may have discovered. For example magazine title, number of pages, publisher, copyright, date, edition, whether it is part of a series.

  1. Statements of author’s goals:

The author will say that he or she is trying to accomplish somewhere at the outset either in the article’s preface or in its introduction. In your own words, or paraphrasing his or her own, state the person’s objectives for having writing the article (one or two paragraphs)

  1. Your verdict:

Did the author achieve the goals set forth? Or. Were some achieved but not all? Were the conclusions valid, or can you show when he or she hedged the point? If the answer is “yes” show why and use examples from the text to bolster your praise. If the answer is “no” do the same thing to back your claim. Remember, you cannot praise or condemn without proof.

  1. Your Opinion of the whole Work:

Did you like the article? Why or why not? Use examples to bolster your statements.

Proofread your work before turning it in and watch your spelling.

In addition, student cannot pass, i.e., earn a letter grade of C or better, ECO 2013 without satisfactorily completing three written assignments.  All writing assignments will be graded according to the following college-wide criteria:
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