What are some of the variables that can affect your hospital internally and externally? Would you hire a marketer or a website developer to improve your hospital website? Or would you recommend expanding your quality and what are some of the internal dynamics that can be used to build a successful brand or mission for the hospital?

Dscussion 2


According to Casto (2018), “Descriptive statistics summarize the utility, efficacy and costs of medical goods and services. Increasingly, health care organizations employ statistical analysis to measure their performance outcomes.” Based on the reading please select one of the following topics:

  • Health Care Utilization
  • Resource Allocation
  • Needs Assessment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Product Development

Research the topic in the Library and locate one article to review. Share the descriptive statistics from the article using your own words. Include the statistical analysis that was performed and a rationale as to why that particular test was used. Share one visual representation the data in your response (e.g., pie charts, histograms, bar charts, etc.).


Casto, R. (2018). Why Are Statistics Important in the Healthcare Field? Retrieved from

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