Breast cancer in Africa prevalence and treatment options.

Locate an epidemiological, preventive medical or public health research paper on PubMed/or appropriate database

Write the full citation of the paper (APA Format)

Then evaluate/discuss:

  • Why did you choose this paper? (Briefly describe what interested you about the topic
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the paper’s design
  • What study design was used?
  • What information supported the study design used?
  • Is there any room for improvement in the paper? If yes what improvement can you suggest. If no,why not?
  • What would you suggest for follow up studies?
  • Evaluate the research in terms of evidence from both CM and biomedicine perspectives. Discuss how both CM and biomedicine might view the study. Separate the CM paragraphs from biomedicine sections under different headers

Additional guidelines:

  1. The paper should be no more than 3pages (excluding title page and reference pages)
  2. Follow APA format in the text as well as in references•