Building Leadership Skills

This assignment should be based on the webpage which link shared at the bottom.And the topic is Aviation, Travel and Tourism subspecialty is sustainability.

Critically analyze a leadership issue relevant to the Aviation, Travel and Tourism key  to the success of your chosen entity in the 21st century.  (Note: The 4th Industrial Revolution will be a key challenge for global leaders).  Examine and discuss this issue in light of course concepts, such as those listed above to explain why it is important for the focus of your interests.

3. Propose a leadership approach to this issue that embraces both the operational and innovation worlds for ultimate resolution.

4. Provide a detailed justification of your proposal on the basis of assumptions and perspectives embedded in: 1) a systems (living system) perspective and 2) other perspectives from this course. Include a brief explanation of how this change will not result in merely a superficial effort but will result in transformational change in how the system operates.

Your 10-12 page paper (body only) (full APA Style) should include a minimum of 8-12 different citations/references to course readings and materials. Utilize the Transformational Map process to gain insights to key stakeholder issues impacting your research efforts.

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