Business and government

This assignment is designed to allow you to develop a deeper understanding of knowledge and frameworks covered in the course. With this assessment, you need to meet the academic requirements expected at the Masters level – research rigour, evidence of extensive reading, systematic analysis and academic writing.

For this assessment, you must use at least two sources from the assigned reading from this course and eight additional quality scholarly references to inform your key ideas. Please note, at least five academic references must be included from sources published after December 2018.

Assignment Topic:

Globalisation has, so far, generated significant economic growth globally and improved human rights while contributing to economic inequality and environmental decay. The government has been in a precarious situation to deliver its responsibilities while grappling with the prioritisation of its activities and maintaining a balance between the interests of the people and those of its corporate citizens.
Drawing evidence from your home country, or a country in which you have worked or studied at, please respond to the following questions:

  • How has the impact of globalisation been on the country of your choice in terms of economic development, industrialisation and export growth?
  • How has the ‘Triple Bottomline’ of sustainable development been affected by the advent of globalisation?
  • How should businesses in your chosen country respond to growing risks and uncertainties in the current global business environment?

Suggested structure of the essay

  • Title page (title of your report, your name, student number and word count)
  • Executive Summary (Maximum 150 words): An executive summary is a concise descript ion of what the report contains. It should include major findings and significance of the essay. A good executive summary should allow the reader to understand the basic content of the report without reading the report.
  • Introduction: A good introduction should clearly outline the purpose and scope of the essay.
  • Body: The body should be split into sub-sections. It could be based on the three
    questions as above. The precise breakdown of subsections is a decision for the
    individual student and will depend on your key arguments.
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List
    Note: Title page, executive summary and reference list are excluded from the word count.
    Your essay must be formatted as per the requirements below:
    • A separate page of Executive Summary (excluded from the word count )
    • Use 12pt font
    • 1.5 line or double spacing
    • Leave a line between each paragraph
    • Number each page
    • Use Harvard method for referencing style
    • It is important that your “voice” (that is your perspective, position or standpoint ) is
    clearly and strongly stated in the essay.
    • Provide well-justified and critical analysis. Being descriptive is not appropriate for this
    • At least TEN quality scholarly references (two from the assigned reading and eight
    additional references) must be used.

    Key Assessment Criteria:

    • Level of mastery of the subject matters
    • Overall quality of analysis, dept h of reflection/thinking in terms of the key themes and
    issues raised in the question
    • Appropriate structure (logical sequence; transitions between parts; well-developed
    • Quality, relevance and sufficiency of references
    • Format and presentation including clarity of expression and grammar, and correct
    format of in-text citations and list of references.

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