Write a business report on Apple Inc. with the required information provided below. Use the same heading names (in bold) before presenting the information as requested.

Report Headings

  1. Name of Company and Ticker Symbol: Company name, ticker symbol
  2. 10-K Report: Paste the direct URL to the company’s most recent 10-K Report (1 point)
  3. Company Website: Paste the URL to the company’s website (1 point)
  4. Value Line’s Per Share Financial Data: Report the data for each of the last 3 years for which year-end data is available. In other words, stop just short of the Value Line column containing estimated data. The final year of data will be listed in the third column. See the Sample Value Line document in this week’s module to find the data. Format the data using the example below.
  5. Value Line’s Annual Rates of Change: See the Sample Value Line document to find the data. Format the data using the example below.
    Value Line Per Share Financial Data201220132014Average Annual Price/Earnings Ratio——Earnings per Share——Dividends per Share——Cash Flow per Share——Value Line Annual Rates of ChangeLast 10 YearsLast 5 yearsNext 5 YearsAnnual Rate of Change in Sales——Annual Rate of Change in Earnings——Annual Rate of Change in Dividends——
  6. Top 5 Risks: Review Item 1A in the 10-K report to identify and discuss what you consider to be the company’s top 5 risks. Try to select risks that are unique to the company’s industry rather than selecting risks that affect all businesses, to some degree or another.
  7. Evaluation: Using the information you’ve collected, comment on what you have learned about the company this week. Identify and discuss any strengths and/or concerns

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