Business management

4 November – 10 November

Insane Music runs a chain of retail outlets around the country. The management structure for the organisation consists of the executive team, state managers and store managers. There are currently 10 stores in Queensland, 14 in New South Wales, nine in Victoria, four in South Australia, and four in Western Australia. Each store runs on a number of permanent full-time sales and administrative staff, plus a number of casual and part-time sales staff.

The management team are looking at introducing a performance management system to improve management and staff performance against business objectives and manage under-performing employees. They are also interested in incentive programs to encourage high performance.

The company’s strategic plan includes:

  • increasing the number of outlets by 10 per cent (or four stores)
  • creating a flagship store for performance management and to create exemplar management practices
  • improving sales in each store by no less than 15 per cent through the use of incentives and bonuses.

As a business consultant, you have been asked to develop a suitable performance management system for Insane Music.

  1. Who would you consult with to establish the performance management system?
  2. What considerations within the strategic plan would you need to take into account when discussing a new performance system?
  3. Create at least two KPIs that could be included into the employee’s performance plan to help meet strategic and employee goals.
  4. How would you ensure that part-time and casual staff are involved in the performance management process?
  5. Explain the key features of your proposed system including:
    • planning processes
    • monitoring and reporting processing
    • managing under-performance
    • employee development processes
    • review process
  6. How would you gain organisational support to ensure effective implementation?


  1. Describe a strategy you would use to gain the support of a supervisor or manager for implementing a new performance management process.
  2. Identify the pros and cons of such an approach and develop ideas for improving your influence in such circumstances.

11 November – 17 November

A medium-sized professional accounting practice hires you as a human resources consultant. The firm has three partner accountants, eight junior accountants and eight administration staff in various roles including office management and administration support (including a junior office clerk), financial control, customer service and marketing.

Two of the administration staff have concerns in relation to their respective roles. The customer service team member feels under-qualified and has no one to ask about service issues, as most staff are from a financial background. The junior office clerk wants to clarify his career goals and establish an appropriate direction, but this hasn’t been actioned by the firm.

The reason the three partners have asked for your help is that they are having trouble managing the performance of their staff. Specifically, they don’t have an effective or efficient way in which to listen to, record and use feedback from their staff. In addition, none of the partners are able to devote sufficient time to the overall performance management process and would like to pass responsibility for performance management to the administration manager.

Complete the following tasks for the partners to implement a new system.

  1. Develop a feedback plan for the firm. Ensure the document is professionally formatted for submission to the partners.
  2. Create a training guide for the administration manager so this person knows how to conduct the feedback process.
  3. Create performance improvement plans for the administration manager so this person knows how to conduct the feedback process.
  4. Create the performance improvement plans for the customer service staff member and junior office clerk respectively. In doing so, provide sources of specialist advice, training and career development options.
  5. Establish a brief grievance process for the firm. It should be accessible to all staff and be directed to the partners for action. Ensure you provide any necessary legislative references in your process. (You may assume the organisation has a privacy, confidentiality and anti-discrimination policy.)


Identify appropriate disciplinary or counselling actions for the following situations and list the support you could provide a line manager.

Situation Disciplinary action Support provided
Having to be reminded two to three times a day to complete a routine task
Speaking briefly and curtly to customers and colleagues, especially during busy times
Frequently arriving late for work
Not answering the telephone within four rings and not identifying the department
Failing to meet sales targets four out of the last five occasions

18 November – 24 November

John is an employee of 20-years standing with Smithhurst Construction. He has performed numerous roles for the company including foreman, site manager and technical training officer. John is from the ‘old school’ and is not keen on adopting new technology.

Recently the organisation automated their training and reporting systems. Smithhurst has held internal training sessions to up-skill employees but John has not attended any of these.

As John’s manager, you approach him regarding the inappropriateness of his behaviour and he agrees to undertake the performance development activities that you recommend. The HR manager informs you that company policy for external training requires ‘return on investment’ justification for every request.

  1. Identify performance development activities that John could undertake. Use your organisation’s polices and procedures to guide you and resources on the Internet to help you.
  2. Comment on the reasons behind your choice of provider with respect to company policies or development options.


“EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities)  and Anti discrimination plays a vital role in performance management processes “… express your opinions.


25 November – 1 December

We usually chose the best method of discussion with stakeholders while we finalise and implement the performance evaluation in workplace .Why the best methods always required to implement performance evaluation in the workplace ?

Discuss this statement in regards to For and Against  and provide  reasons in both cases .

Example : What if we chose the best method to implement ?or Not to chose the best method ?

Your answers should align with the For and Against the Statements </s

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