business project

Part 1:
▪ Give a brief introduction about the chosen company (history, products, etc)
▪ Explain what type of virtual management characteristics will be implemented and why?
(Explain how you will implement the virtual management?)
▪ How the virtual teams will work together?
▪ What tools are they using for communications and task management? (Give a real example)
▪ How you will manage the teams in both locations in terms of language, cultural, time, political, and economical differences?
Part 2:
▪ What are techniques that you will be using in order to create a strong team with a high level of teamwork?
▪ What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a virtual team?
▪ What type of conflicts might occur between members? When it’s happened how will you solve it?
▪ As a manager how you will manage the outsourced projects?
▪ What techniques that you will apply to encourage and motivate your team for improvement?
Project report
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