Cardiovascular risk factors

List all the controllable risk factors for coronary heart disease (i.e. smoking)
AND explain why they put you at risk for developing heart disease.

2. List the uncontrollable risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease/Coronary
Artery Disease (i.e. age) and explain how they put you at risk for
developing cardiovascular disease.

3. Using your results on the Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
worksheet (Lab 10.1 on MyHealth), answer the following questions.
What is your CVD risk assessment score (points)? What is your estimated
risk? Are you surprised by your results? Are you satisfied with your CVD
risk rating? Why or why not? (I’m not surprised because I’m healthy)

4. identify a risk area that you can change, such as smoking,
exercise, or uncontrolled stress. Then list at least three steps or strategies
for changing the risk area you’ve chosen.

Part Two: Cardiovascular Diseases

Use a separate paragraph for each question below.

1. Cite the source you used to research a form of cardiovascular

2. Explain in detail the cardiovascular disease you chose to research.

3. What are the risk factors for this disease? What can a person do to
change their risk of developing this type of CVD.

4. What are the effects/symptoms of this CVD?

5. What are the treatments for the disease?

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