Case Study: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Review the case and provide answers to the case questions that follow.

You are seeing a 19-year-old female patient at a women’s health clinic. Her chief complaint is mild abdominal pain and a malodorous vaginal discharge. The nurse who escorted the patient to the treatment room stops you in the hall to express concern that the patient’s brother insisted on accompanying his sister to the treatment room, and she didn’t seem happy about it. Both the receptionist and nurse believe they have seen the patient in the clinic for treatment of another sexually transmitted infection; another nurse recalls a treatment for vaginal infection. A medical record search under the name given today provides no result. When you enter the room, the man identified as her brother informs you that he is there to translate for his sister.


Case Questions

  1. As you enter the treatment room, the patient appears anxious and afraid. Coupled with the concerns expressed by the receptionist and nurse, you suspect domestic violence.
  2. What immediate actions can you take to help protect the patient and provide the necessary care