February 23, 2023

Dignity and worth of the person in human services

The dignity and worth of the person is a key idea in social work that acknowledges the inherent value and potential of every human being, despite their history, their circumstances, or their experiences. This principle recognizes the inherent value and […]
February 28, 2023

Task-centered practice

About task-centered practice Task-centered practice is a form of social work practice that focuses on problem-solving and accomplishing quantifiable objectives with clients. It is a short-term, goal-oriented strategy that stresses client engagement in issue identification and resolution. The methodology is […]
February 28, 2023

Strength-based Approach

About the Strength-based Approach A strength-based approach is a concept or viewpoint that emphasizes recognizing and utilizing a client’s strengths and good traits rather than concentrating on their flaws or issues. This method emphasizes building on what a person can […]
February 28, 2023

Trauma-informed practice

About Trauma-informed practice Trauma-informed practice is a method of assisting traumatized clients  acknowledge the impact of trauma on their life and strive to create a safe and supportive environment for healing and rehabilitation. This approach understands that trauma may have […]