CHCCSM004 Coordinate complex case requirements

Task Instructions

Read the case study and answer all of the questions below.

Case study: Michael

Michael is a 25-year-old man with an acquired brain injury from a motor bike accident 1 year ago. He lives in a small country town with his single mother, Mary, and his 78-year-old grandmother, Alice. Michael has hemiplegia, impaired use of his left side – arm and leg. He walks using a single point walking stick and has limited use of his left hand. It is felt that with therapy, his hand function may improve. He is fairly independent but often asks his mum to do things for him. Michael has untreated and undiagnosed sores/scabs on his legs from scratching.

Michael also has some cognitive impairment which means that he has difficulty with initial, short term memory, planning and organising skills. Michael has been through the rehabilitation process and has a distrust of professionals. He has friends who are drug users who encourage Michael to use drugs. Michael is receiving benefits and says he is interested in looking into work, but worried about losing his benefits. He spends most of the day playing on his iPad. Michael has demonstrated excellent IT skills. Michael can get quite angry and verbally abuse his mother and grandmother. There is a concern that this may escalate into physical violence. There have been some hints that Michael has been ‘scaring’ his grandmother to give him money, but this is not confirmed.

Mary is his carer, and also cares for her mother. She looks after the household, so is unable to work. She is very tired and overwhelmed with this situation. Recently Alice has started to show signs of dementia, her walking has deteriorated, and she has started to have falls.


You are a case manager and you have been asked to see Michael and his family. Answer the following questions, based on the case study.

  1. Write a few sentences to explain your role to Michael and promote your service to this client and family. Why would they choose you as their case manager?
  2. (a) List four (4) issues for Michael and his family.
    • (b) List at least three (3) of Michael’s strengths.
  3. Which case management model would you use in this case and why?
  4. List three (3) ways you might communicate with Michael and relevant others.
  5. What paperwork is needed for you to be able to communicate with service providers in relation to client confidentiality and privacy?
  6. List three (3) ways you can get feedback from the client/family, formally and informally.
  7. Research appropriate services for each of the issues identified in Question 2.
    Prepare a list of four (4) local services and supports and explain why each may be appropriate for the client/family. Include contact details and website URL.
  8. Contact one of the services you researched and find out what the referral process is. Explain the process.
  9. Prepare a Case Management Plan using the following headings.
    • Client name and contact details
    • Client issues – list five (5) issues.
    • Client priorities – list at least three (3).
    • Possible funding options – list two (2).
    • Possible services to be involved – list three (3).
    • Outline of role, timeframe and expected outcome of each service. (E.g. Medical assessment for sores for diagnosis and treatment. Referral made and doctor to see client within 1 week.)
  10. Which Case Management model is appropriate in this case and why?
  11. What services may have duplicated outcomes?
  12. List three (3) possible client and family related barriers to attaining outcomes.
  13. List three (3) possible service-related barriers to attaining outcomes.
  14. List two (2) ways that client confusion and concerns can be minimised.
  15. List three (3) methods of communication between service providers (formal, informal).
  16. List three (3) other ways services and progress will be monitored and reviewed (formal, informal).
  17. List three (3) duty of care issues to be considered by the Case Manager in this case.

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