CHCCSM004 Coordinate complex case requirements

Task Instructions

You must provide an answer for every question listed in this task. There are twenty-three (23) questions to answer. Provide examples from your workplace in your responses where possible.

  1. There are ten (10) standards of case management in Australia. List them below. The first one has been provided for you.
    • Case Manager must have accredited relevant qualification
  2. There are five (5) models of case management. List the models below. The first one has been provided for you.
    •  Broker/Generalist Case Management Model
  3. Explain evidence-based practice
  4. List six (6) duty of care considerations that a Case Manager may face.
  5. There are five (5) stages of the co-ordination role. List and describe the next four (4) stages of the co-ordination role.
    • Assessment process to establish client needs, goals and barriers. Provide all information needed to start developing an action plan.
  6. List three (3) strategies case coordinators and service providers can use to avoid or manage service duplication.
  7. List three (3) different funding arrangements/options.
  8. List five (5) areas covered by legislation relevant to the coordination of case management in the community services fields.
  9. List five (5) things that should be documented or recorded to help monitor case plans.
  10. List three (3) possible signs of self-harm/neglect.
  11. What are five (5) tips for running an effective formal case meeting?
  12. List two (2) risks and responsibilities relating to Case Managers’ duty of care for children/young people.
  13. What should a Case Manager do for a person suffering domestic violence?
  14. What should you do if a client displays suicide ideation?
  15. Explain ‘elder abuse’.
  16. What is ‘generational abuse’?
  17. What might the impact be on the life of a person with ‘welfare dependency’?
  18. (a) List two (2) situations in which you might need an interpreter.
    • (b) List three (3) ways you could source an interpreter.
  19. Research a support service which may be appropriate for a client’s family member who is the carer. Provide information for each of the headings below.
    • Name of service
    • What does this service do?
    • What could this service provide the family member/carer?
    • Address and contact details
  20. List two (2) issues which a client might face by having multiple services involved.
  21. Give three (3) examples of cultural considerations which may impact on a Case Manager.
  22. Give three (3) examples of considerations when working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.
  23. Describe three (3) different family structures and how each may affect work as Case Manager.

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