Clinical Governance Framework

Plan and design a clinical governance framework for an acute care service

You have been appointed as the new Director of Clinical Governance for the 300 bed Carrington Regional Hospital. The tertiary hospital has had a history of poor clinical governance practices and the CEO has tasked you to conduct a review of current practices and suggest remedial measures, including the development of a three-year clinical governance strategy. In your review of current safety and quality practices you identify:

▪ Insignificant incident management and reporting system
▪ Inadequate resources to identify potential adverse events
▪ Limited support for adoption of evidence based clinical practices
▪ Absence of safety and quality education and training resources
▪ Limited accountability for poor clinical practices
▪ Inadequate communication between departments
▪ Lack of a performance monitoring and reporting system’
▪ Insufficient focus on patient centred care models
▪ Limited support from hospital leadership (at all levels) for adoption of quality improvement practices

To address these issues, you develop a recommendation and strategy report for the Hospital Board and Executive incorporating key elements such as a patient consultation, clinical risk management, workforce readiness and alignment of organisational safety and quality standards to national and industry standards. In the report you draw upon peer reviewed literature and national reports about clinical governance.