Clinical intervention

Your Evidence-Based Clinical Intervention should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document following APA style and should include the following:

    • The medical problem/diagnosis/disease. (I want to talk about Endometriosis)
    • Typical presenting signs and symptoms including:
      • Onset, Characteristics, Location, Radiation, Timing, Setting, Aggravating factors, Alleviating factors, Associated symptoms, Course since onset, Usual age group affected
      • Concomitant disease states associated with the diagnosis
    • The pathophysiology of the problem.
    • Three differential diagnoses and the usual presenting signs and symptoms in priority sequence with rationales.
    • Reference to at least two current journal articles that show evidence-based practice as how to best treat this disorder related to the primary differential.
    • The expected outcomes of the intervention.
    • Algorithms if available.

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