Cloud security policy

Create a cloud security policy for IT department based on “Our Journey to the Cloud” document attached (starting at page 30)as a reference.

Please follow the SANS email policy template  attached for the assignment. Around 600 words.

Assignment is due 5 PM PST. Strictly No delays.

Question Description:

Information security uses administrative, technical (logical), and physical controls to mitigate risks related to an organization’s assets.  A policy is an administrative control.  If no policy exist in the IT department, research shows that employees will default to a defacto policy.  A defacto policy means a policy that is in effect , but not formally recognized.  To stop this from happening, It is important for students to understand how to take the cloud best practices and use them to create a cloud security policy.  Cloud security fundamentals and mechanisms is a huge part of the cloud security policy.

For this assignment, read the attached article: “Our Journey to the Cloud”.  Use the  SANS email policy template to create a policy for the cloud.  Please note, the SANS policy is a template you can use to structure your policy.
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