Communication(social structure)

Drawing on relevant literature, select two (2) of the following group dimensions to provide an analysis of your work group’s dynamics and the effectiveness of the processes employed throughout the life of your work group:

  • Communication processes and interaction patterns
  • Social integration (how members fit together) and group norms
  • Group development (patterns and stages in the group process)
  • Group culture (values, beliefs, preferences)
  • Leadership and facilitation within your work group prior to your faciitated session
  • Conflict, differences and diversity within the work group, and their management.


Part B (800 words – 2 sessions x 400 words):

Analysis of your participation in two group facilitation session other than your own: 

  1. Name the session you have chosen to reflect on
  2. Drawing on relevant literature, discuss how you participated in the session and the group processes and dynamics that seemed to influence this e.g. individual factors, leadership styles, inclusiveness of the session. For example, what helped you to feel safe and heard? Or what perhaps hindered communication? Consider the group culture that seemed to be operating in each session and how this related to individual factors and social structures (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity).

In your analysis for Parts A & B you should:

  • Incorporate ideas from group work theories to assist your understanding of facilitation, participation and leadership.
  • Consider the influence of social structures (e.g. gender, age, culture) on group members’ participation.
  • Reflect on the impact of your own perceptions, assumptions and behaviours, giving consideration to the following: what insights have I gained about the way I participate in, and facilitate, groups?

Assessment criteria for Task 3 (Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 4): 

  1. Capacity to identify and describe relevant values, processes and dynamics in the groups, integrating relevant group work theories and concepts with your group experiences (LO: 2).
  1. Awareness of the interaction between personal experiences and social structures and their impact on group dynamics (LO: 1, 4).
  2. Capacity to analyse, reflect on and learn from your participation in the different group Situations (LO: 4).
  3. Capacity to write clearly, to present your material in an organised and structured way and to reference appropriately (at least 8 readings for the assignment).