1. In article 1, how does Franklin D. Roosevelt characterize World War II and the threat posed by fascism and Nazi Germany? Had he survived, do you think Roosevelt would have characterized the Cold War and the Soviet Union in the same way? Why, or why not?
  2. Describe the primary arguments explained in article 2 and 3. How does Kennan explain the threat of the Soviet Union and communism? How does he characterize the weaknesses of the Soviet system? How does Kennen and the NSC (article 3) suggest the United States respond to the perceived threat of the Soviet Union and communism?
  3. Using the text book, provide some specific examples of how the ideas in article 2 and 3 shaped U.S. foreign policy from 1945-1960.


  1. In his farewell speech (video and article 4), what does Eisenhower say about the Cold War? How does his message reflect the ideas from article 2 and 3? What warnings does he give for the future? How does Eisenhower’s speech relate to Roosevelt’s (article 1)?

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