Conducting a Marketing Survey

Before embarking on a marketing campaign, it is advisable to conduct some research to gather sufficient data. Without sufficient data, one can conduct a campaign that causes more harm than good (Rowley, 2014). Based on the two questions presented, the ultimate goal of the survey is to determine how important the different stakeholders are in contributing to the profitability of the organization and how the daily operations of the hospital can be improved for it to remain competitive.

The reason why it is important to evaluate the stakeholders is that some stakeholders are more important than others in contributing to the organizational success. A good example is a city council that just set rules and regulations followed in the hospital but do not contribute in any way to its profitability as compared to the customers.  In a marketing campaign, one would concentrate on the customers and not the city council. The customers can help the hospital stay competitive but the city council cannot. With this idea in mind, the next move is to determine how to run a campaign that will reach out to all the important stakeholders (Rea, 2014). Note that all the stakeholders are significant in the running of the hospital but not in making the hospital profitable. While conducting the survey, it is assumed that you already know who the organization stakeholders are and the goal is to determine their significance in the profitability of the organization. The questionnaire will thus be based on evaluating each stakeholder separately.


  1. Does the stakeholder have any impact in the performance of the organization? (please note performance here stands for profitability)
  2. If yes for Q1, please identify what more is expected from the stakeholder?
  3. If no for Q1, please state how the stakeholder can have an impact in the profitability of the hospital.
  4. Do you want the relationship between the hospital and the stakeholder to grow?
  5. Can the hospital exist by replacing the stakeholder or without the stakeholder?
  6. Does the stakeholder hinder the performance of the hospital in any way?
  7. Among the several departments in the hospital, which department brings in more revenue?
  8. Is there anything that the above department does that makes it generate more revenue as opposed to other departments?
  9. Do you think there is duplication of roles in the hospital and if so which roles?
  10. Do you think there is wastages of revenues in this hospital and if so how?
  11. Is there anything in this hospital that put off customers and if yes which?
  12. Is there any other information you feel would make this hospital be more profitable?

To derive as much information as possible from the respondents, the above questions should be asked in a face-to-face interview. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewer will be able to put more emphasis on the questions as compared to giving the interviewee the questions to answer personally (Rea, 2014). In addition, a face-to-face interview allows the interviewer to make clarifications. With the questions below answered, it is easy to know who the key stakeholders in making the hospital profitable are. This will enable the hospital to run a marketing campaign that targets the key stakeholders. In addition, the questions also identify other key areas that can help improve the profitability of the hospital like duplication of roles and poor customer care.

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