consumer behavior

Criteria: Student must choose an individual product or service ITEM(not a line, variant or company) and undertake a critical analysis of the following:

1. The consumer behaviour of a typical customer (20%)

2. The marketing mix strategies (40%)

3. The segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies (30%)

4. Make a recommendation to improve either the marketing mix strategies or the STP strategies (10%)

5. The analysis must be based in 2018-2019 and you must support your analysis with evidence from current academic and industry literature. When choosing the product or service item, students must:

•  Choose one country in which to base their analysis

•  Ensure the product or service item is currently for sale in the chosen country

•  Ensure there is sufficient supporting evidence available in the public domain to undertake the required analysis

Submission Instructions: The submission must be in report format, i.e. using headings, subheadings, diagrams, tables, models, frameworks, narrative and bullet-points and references (Harvard Style). The word count ONLY EXCLUDES the title page, contents page and reference list. NO appendices allowed. EVERYTHING else is included in the word count – this includes all tables, diagrams, figures etc even if imported into the document.