Consumer decision making process

1. For this assignment, the first thing for you to do is to provide me 10 questions that I need to use so I can create a survey via Survey Monkey . Need to have this 10 questions ASAP. The 10 questions are based on the first assessment which is about Money Transfer Service which involved The 5 Steps of Consumer Decision Making Process. 2. Once I have done and gather the data I will return to you and you will provide a 6- page summary, analysis and discussion of the key findings from the data collection. 3. Please see the attached file for the detailed assignment instructions. 4. Critically analyse and understand the driving forces of perception, attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, family, and lifestyle that influence consumer behavior and consequently consumers’ purchasing decisions. 5. Design a questionnaire based on the following topics:  Perception.  Attitudes  Culture  Motivation  Family and lifestyle  Group and individual difference (N.B.: Please note that not all of these topics may be applicable to your chosen product or service).