Corporate Ethics

Business Ethics

Define Corporate Social Responsibility.

2. Provide four examples of corporation’s legal obligations.

3. Define and contrast the instrumental model of corporate management with the social contract model of corporate management.

4. List and explain the five major trends driving CSR

5. Explain why organizations are struggling to adopt CSR initiatives.

6. Explain the term “triple bottom line”

Exercises (20%) DB4.2 – Approx. 400 words

Review and critique the CSR policies of a Fortune 100 company of your choice. What are the strengths of the strategies? Where might the corporation focus to improve their CSR strategies?  (500-word essay)

Case Study (40%) Approx. 500 words

Book: Newton, Englehardt, Prichard (2012). Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Business Ethics and Society, 12th/E. McGraw-Hill ISBN: 9780073527352