Darren Nursing Case Study

Task:Clinical Case Study

Nursing Problem Statements [ensure that you are aware of the correct problem statement for your cohort -see table in Assessment block on LMS]
In this Clinical Case Study, you have been allocated, depending on your cohort, one (1) of the nursing problems provided below. You are to discuss its relevance, then plan and evaluate patient centred, nursing care. The nursing problems all relate to Darren Roberts’ care in the first 4 hours following his discharge from PARU and return to the ward following his surgery.

  1. Potential for hypovolemia related to fluid deficit and blood loss from surgical procedure and would be evidenced by pale, cold and clammy skin, decreased urine output, BP <90/60 and respiratory rate > 20Rpm.
  2. Potential for respiratory depression related to anaesthesia and opioid medications and would be evidenced by respiratory rate <10Rpm, SpO2<95%on RA and shallow breathing.
  3.  Potential for pain related to surgical incision as evidenced by grimacing and a subjective pain score of >3/10 using the Numeric Pain Rating Scale.

Required Sections

  • Discuss the importance of the Nursing Problem you have chosen and why it
    is a particular risk for Darren in the first 4 hours of his return to the surgical
  • Use Darren’s data and documentation from the Enquiry to inform this
    discussion; this does not require APA6 referencing.
  •  Use evidenced based nursing literature to support your discussion; this
    does require APA6 referencing. Approximately 500 words
  • Write one Patient Centred SMART Goal for Darren’s Nursing Problem that
    you have selected. Approximately 1 to 2 sentences
  • Provide three (3) relevant Nursing Interventions designed to achieve the
    selected SMART Goal.
  • Discuss each intervention separately and include evidenced based
    rationales for the intervention; this does require APA6 referencing.
    Approximately 600 words (200 for each intervention)
  • Discuss the evidenced based assessments you would use to evaluate the
    effectiveness of implemented nursing interventions; this does require
    APA6 referencing. Approximately 400 words