Democratic social order essay

Refer to the sections on Social Contract theory and the Social Order in the book, Watch the video about whether the United States is a Democracy or Not; and read pages 97 to 101 in the text.America is not a Democracy!!! with Robert Brem (Links to an external site.)America is not a Democracy!!! with Robert Brem

And watch the Robert Reich video on 5 values that still unite Americanshere (Links to an external site.)

Consider the discussion in the video, and the descriptions in the reader as to what it is that we might call a democratic social order and democratic republican governance.   Answer the question:

  1. How do the descriptive factors in the reader and the points made in the video about democracy compare to the brief description of democracy by Aristotle, and other classical philosophers’ influence on the Constitution, as “mob rule” (page 90 – 92 in the text)?
  2. Relating to the video,
    • How do you think the definition of democracy changed (since Aristotle’s time) and over the decades (since the 1980s Regan conservative revolt)?
    • Has it change for the better (and for whom) or for the worse (and for whom)?
    • How?
  3. In his speech (page 101), Benjamin Franklin mentions the “errors” he sees in the Constitution. In your opinion, what might one of these “errors” be.  Explain why you think it is so.  Give detailed argument why it is an error.
  4. Remember to explain & support your reaction! Reference text materials utilizing “in-text citation” style (regarding author, year, and page #). Your answer should aim at about 500 words or more in response here.

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