Dental Practice

Suzanna is the dental receptionist at OC Dental Centre.  She has asked you to attend a workplace health and safety meeting to discuss an incident that recently occurred in the reception area.


Your patient, Larry Jones, slipped on a wet surface in the reception area on his arrival to his dental appointment. Whilst Larry was not injured, this incident has caused OC Dental Centre some concern about the safety of the reception area


For this assessment, you will assist Suzanna in creating a safe environment in the reception area, by demonstrating the Work Health & Safety knowledge you have learnt in Module 1.

Answer the following 8 short-answer questions:

  • Your written answers should be approximately 50–100 words in length (+/-10%) per question. The word count is a guideline and you can present your answers in narrative or bullet point format.
  • Ensure you acknowledge and cite your sources accordingly – this is important whether you use your own words or another writer’s. You can review the Academic Referencing Guide in your student handbook


Part A – Work Health & Safety

  1. Identify your state/territory workplace health and safety authority, and briefly explain how the WHS legislation protects staff and patients whilst at OC Dental Centre?
  2. As a dental assistant, you are required to cooperate with your employer to carry out safety measures at OC Dental Centre. Name the WHS legislation that applies in your state/territory, and list your responsibilities in regards to workplace health and safety.
  3. As your patient, Larry was impacted by the slippery surface in the reception area. Suzanna has asked you to complete an incident report using this templatecident report and upload with your assessment.
  4. To prevent a similar incident in the future, Suzanna has asked you to complete a risk assessment of the reception area using this template.

Part B – General cleaning tasks

  1. On the day of the incident, Annie asked you to clean the wet surface which Larry slipped on. As you are not sure what the wet surface is, you must apply personal protective equipment in accordance with the dental practice policy. Describe, in order, how you would clean the wet surface, including all equipment required to effectively manage the hazard.
  2. Explain why it is important to dispose of the waste generated from your cleaning task effectively and immediately.
  3. As a dental assistant, you will be exposed to hazards in all your tasks. Consider the role of the dental assistant, and complete the following table:
Activity Potential hazard Example of how to prevent the hazard
Cleaning the reception area


Cleaning the clinical area


Assisting the dentist


Assisting a patient




  1. Annie is impressed with your management of the wet surface in the reception area, and she has asked you to check that OC Dental Centre will be prepared for all surface-cleaning procedures. Complete the following table of where cleaning agents may be used in a dental practice.


Cleaning agent Example of use in a dental practice
Chemical mixed or pre-mixed chemical  



Neutral PH detergents





Acidic cleaners





Graffiti remover  



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