Developing and Training Employees

Developing and Training Employees and Maximizing Human Resources

Critical Thinking: Personal Development Plan (100 Points)
A development plan is a key component of a performance management plan because it guides performance improvement.
Create a short-term development plan (1-2 years) and a long-term development plan (3-5 years) for yourself. In your plan, address these items:
  • Development objectives,
  • How skills will be acquired,
  • A timeline for acquisition, and
  • Standards and measures for accessing improvement.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. You are writing your own development plan.
  2. First, complete an assessment of your professional needs and/or deficiencies and career plans (e.g., complete MBA degree) and then write the plan.
  3. Assume you are submitting the development plan to your faculty member, the manager. With the exception of a cover page, no citations or references are required for this assignment.
  4. This should be an honest assessment of your professional needs/deficiencies and career plans. It can be written in a paragraph form or it can be bulleted in format with expanded comments. For organization purposes, submit your project electronically to the Assignment Dropbox as a Word file.