Development of human rights and its relevance to social work

This task is a 2000 word essay on the development of human rights and its relevance to social work (or your other field of work). Please use appropriate subheadings in the essay to correspond to the key subtopics. 
Australia Association of Social Work (AASW), in defining social work, states: “Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work “(AASW). Task: Critically discuss how human rights have developed over time and how they are promoted and protected. Include the following in your discussion: 
• the three generations of human rights including the strengths, limitations and implications of Vasak’s framework in understanding human rights
 • human rights theories 
• anti-oppressive social work theories.
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: 
• be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of a range of human rights theories.
 • be able to examine the history of human rights and explain their application in an international context. 
• be able to explain human rights instrumentalities, human rights activists.
This Essay should be organised clearly and logically, and neatly presented. This includes correct spelling and punctuation. Use sub-headings to structure your work. Do not use dot-points, express yourself in sentences and paragraphs. Assignments must be well researched and referenced in APA 7 ( Give a clear introduction and conclusion
  Do not use quotes, rephrase in your own works (this demonstrates your understanding).
The following are expected: 
• Title page with Subject, Assessment 2, your name, student number, word count 
• 12 point font
 • 1.5 or 2 line spacing 
• Page numbers 
• Referenced in APA 7th edition. 
Word length 
The set word length provides an indicator of the expectations regarding depth and breadth of coverage of the topic. You may go over or under by 10% so 1800-2200 words  
Assessment 2 Guideline to how to write it. ( Please check the recording and the lecture notes PPT detailed very well)
— How human rights have developed over time;
— How they are promoted and protected; and 
— Introduce the theories that you will use to analyse these issues.
 First section 
— 3 generations of human rights including strengths, limitations & implications of Vasak’s framework in understanding these. 
Second section 
— Human rights theories. 
Third section 
— Anti-oppressive social work theories. 
Fourth section 
— Overall discussion about promotion and protection 
— Synthesise discussion & finish with a strong take-home message about all of this.
 Assessment 2 
— 3 gen’s of human rights (module 2) including strengths, limitations & implications of Vasak’s framework in understanding these.
— Human rights theories (module 3) development of human rights from an early theological basis, to one built on the age of reason, to the shift to a ‘scientific’ basis, to the more critical perspectives of modern times.
— Anti-oppressive frameworks (module 5) method & process in which we understand how systems of oppression such as colonialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and ableism can result in indiv discriminatory actions & structural/systemic inequalities