Digital transformation for SMEs in the developed countries

The topic is broadly about digital entrepreneurship, but focusing on digital transformation and its impact on performance. It is seeking to find out what and how digital transformation impact on the performance and profitability of their SMEs. There should be a conceptual framework with a theory and model which may be confirmed or altered from the findings and discussions. This should be an Exploratory Qualitative Study with case study of about 4-6 SMEs. Cases must be Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Showing some Details / Profile of the Cases. If possible, it must be situated for developing countries. For the data analysis, show codes, Number of coders, inter-rater reliability, etc. Academic Level is PhD. The Paper Structure should include: Abstract, Introduction (with research questions), Theoretical Background, Conceptual Framework (Theory & Model), Methodology (with research settings, case selection, data collection and analysis), Findings, Discussions (with model/framework if possible), Conclusion (with Limitation, Contribution and recommendation)