“eating challenges” essay

Plan to write ~5 paragraphs for essay, or approximately 600-800 words. Each essay requires discussion of 3 examples (if you’re not using course content-based examples, you’ll quickly lose points). Use diverse examples from different readings. Prove to me you know and understand the content by using extremely specific examples from the readings, and by backing them up with your own analysis. Be sure you’re answering the final “why does this matter” questions at the tail end of the essay!

About a year ago, Tide Pod memes were everywhere on social media. How do Tide Pods and other “eating challenges” work as acts of transgression, breaking social norms for a purpose. Looking at eating challenges and two other examples of transgressive eating from the readings, discuss what social norms are broken and what message is conveyed by breaking these customs? How are these acts of creative rule breaking?

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