ECY205 Philosophies of Early Childhood Education

This assignment is a reflective essay that brings together the experiences and knowledge students have gained throughout the ECE program. Students will integrate their knowledge of theory, philosophy and practice to develop a personal philosophy of early childhood education. The reflective essay must be formatted according to APA guidelines and will be FOUR pages in length.

This essay will rely heavily on class readings, journals, lectures, presentations and discussions. Students are expected to incorporate readings and additional research to support their ideas. The nature of the essay encourages discussion and reflection but students are advised not to mistake this as a casual, journal style piece. The discussion must include your understanding of various theories and philosophies of education. The essay also requires the use of formal essay mechanics. Students will receive in-class guidance on academic essay writing.

Suggested format:

  • Drawing from the theories explored, reflect on part 1 of your philosophy paper. What has changed and Why? What has stayed the same? You may use the same guiding questions. (1-2 pages) Were there any challenges to your beliefs (e.g. safety procedures, set routines, etc )
  • Explain which philosophies and theories (minimum 2) have contributed to your personal philosophy and how. Explain how they connect to the ideas above. (1-2 pages)
  • Conclusion – Summarize your main ideas and beliefs. State a clear thesis and end with a powerful statement about the importance of your ideas. (1/2 page).
  • Introduction – tell the reader what your essay is about. End with a thesis statement that strongly articulates one of your primary beliefs that is discussed throughout your paper (e.g. it is necessary for children to be in a child directed environment guided by free play.) Many writers find that it is easier to write an introduction last. (1/2 page), However you may choose to do this first.