Education and culture

Your Weeks 5–7 journal assignment is due by Day 7 of this week and should include at least one journal entry per week during Weeks 5, 6, and 7 for a total of no less than three entries. Each entry should be one page in length for a total of three pages.

As you were asked to do in previous weeks, prepare for each week’s journal entries by reflecting on your own biases and discomforts as they occur during and outside of the course. This could include things you say, think, do, or an interaction with a particular individual that revealed a bias or discomfort, during and\or outside this online classroom. Pay close attention to when a particular topic or topics cause a visceral response or feelings of discomfort/disequilibrium. This might happen while you are reading, viewing, or listening to a learning resource, interacting with others in the course on the Discussion board, completing an assignment, and/or not doing course work at all. You are strongly encouraged to take note of these moments and consider them as potential journal topics to reflect on and then write about in your journal.