Educational standards /Bibilical standards

Evaluate the educational standards of the two civilizations in light of Scripture. What did they do well? What did they leave out, or how did they fall short of the Biblical standard?


For additional information on education, and to provide better background for the primary sources, two reference articles have been included. Please remember to draw the majority of your support from the primary sources, but use the secondary as needed.


Primary Sources:

Sparta –

Athens –

Rome –


Secondary Sources with Background information:


Education in the Ancient World:


Roman education:


Old and New Testament Scripture –

*May also consult Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance or other Bible Concordance.


476-1648 – Evaluative Essay 2


Medicine (Black Death)


Below are excerpts which describe society during and as a result of the plague.

Your thesis statement should answer the following question.


As you consider the people’s attitudes and reactions, how do these responses correlate with a Biblical view of caring for the sick?


Giovanni Boccaccio: On Avoiding the Black Death (c. 1349-1351)


Giovanni Boccaccio: On Black Death Victims in Florence (c. 1349-1351)</a

Old and New Testament Scripture –
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