Environment and Society

Word count: 2,000 words

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Choose one of the following five topics. Consider sociological theories and concepts that can help explain your answer. Provide examples and evidence to help demonstrate them.


Topic 1:

Many of the benefits of industrial society are now coming back to haunt humanity. Explain examples of these impacts. What mixture of changes to technology and to  the way that humans organise themselves is required to continue human society and the planet’s health?

Topic 2:

Aspects of sustainable design and lifestyle practices can be adopted to help bring about a sustainable society. Discuss possible solutions. What might these look like and what could be the social consequences of implementing them?

Topic 3:

People make many changes in their lives for the benefit of the environment. Discuss one of the following practices and its effects: environmental volunteering, consumption or activism. What can explain the motivations and actions of people making personal change for the environment?

Topic 4:

The effort needed to address the environmental crisis has led to questions over how workers are affected. What does a Just Transition to a post-carbon economy mean for workers and the marginalised in society? What are some of the global consequences of making a Green New Deal work?

Topic 5:

Environmental fiction provides many ideas upon which we can draw to envisage the future. How possible are these various scenarios and, in what ways, can fiction be related to outcomes in the real world?

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