1. General physical fitness benefits for women during pregnancy
  2. Nutrition for all stages or pregnancy
  3. Complication signs and methods to avoid pre-eclampsia and medical advice for patients with eclampsia.


Instructions For Essays


  1. Set font to 12 point Tacoma.
  2. The heading should include your name, PHED 1164 and Section on the upper left side and single spaced.
  3. Include the title of the essay assigned by professor.
  4. Center and capitalize title in bold.
  5. Triple space between heading and title
  6. Double space between title and first paragraph.
  7. Double space between paragraphs.
  8. Type in paragraphs
  9. Margins at the top, bottom and sides are set in WORD.
  10. All pages after page 1 begin at the top of the page with no headings. Tab to the right margin, type last name in front of page # and double space to the first line. This is a “header”, NOT “heading”
  11. Footnotes for references required.
  12. See EXAMPLE

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