Ethics in health research

This first assessment requires you to critically discuss ethical considerations in relation to a specific scenario.
First choose one of the following ethical scenarios.

  1. Informed consent is not needed if the research is to benefit humanity
  2.  It is fine to declare a medication safe for pregnant women when the decision was based on research findings from non-pregnant women.
  3. Changing a couple of research data points in a dataset is no big deal.
  4. Mandating vaccines for healthcare workers is unjust.

Then write a short essay critically discussing your selected scenario. The essay should at least include:

  • An introduction that briefly outlines your main arguments and sets up the forthcoming discussion
  • The main body. Fully discuss the argument for and against your chosen scenario. You must justify each of your positions using credible literature.
  • A brief conclusion drawing all of your points together.

Refer to the marking rubric on the next page to help shape your assignment.

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