Expression of Interest

You are submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to lead a project connected to the organisation you have chosen. You are required to explain your professional philosophy and demonstrate an understanding of the historical and institutional influences on the field in which the organisation operates. In addition, you will review your standpoint reflections in Tasks 1 & 2 to describe how you would enact your evolved understandings in the Project Manager role. A critical part of the project is to work with local Indigenous community or groups to build connections to interpret and respond to their needs. 
You will complete an EOI – Project Manager in three sections. You must support your EoI with evidence from your sources, using APA (7th ed.) referencing.
 • Section 1. Explain your professional standpoint as it applies to your cultural competence. Outline your contribution to Yindyamarra Winhanganha. (300 words) 
• Section 2. Describe the social, institutional, and historical factors relevant to the project. Explain the relevant ethical issues. (600 words) 
 Section 3. What principles will you apply to establish and build collaborative
  partnerships with Indigenous community representatives or groups? (300 words)
 Your final assessment task for IKC101 requires you to consider your previous learning across each module of the subject and apply it to an Expression of Interest. Each assessment task has asked you to reflect on and critically analyse specific elements of your standpoint through your engagement with the learning activities: that is, the social, institutional, and historical factors that influence knowledge. 
In Tasks 1 & 2 you critically reflected on the factors that influence, reproduce, and reinforce particular forms of knowledge about Indigenous Australians and yourself as part of Australian society. You considered what knowledge can be taken-for-granted because of this reinforcement by institutions, using the media as one example of a powerful socialising institution. You provided a critical analysis of available historical and contemporary evidence to deepen your understanding of the forces influencing contemporary understandings about and contemporary experiences of Indigenous Australians in Assessment 2. 
In Task 3 you are required to apply what you have learned through the IKC101 Modules and after completion of Tasks 1 & 2 to consider your professional responsibilities, your potential contribution to Yindyamarra Winhanganha, and to apply principles for engagement with Indigenous communities to facilitate these. You are expected to use subject readings from each module in this submission. 
Your completed document will need to be uploaded into the Turnitin submission portal for this task (located in the relevant assessment folder). Following the marking period (release date), you will be able to access your grade and task feedback via the same portal or via ‘My Grades’.