Filing for Disability Claims

When filing for disability claims, one needs to be significantly careful to avoid mistakes. Several mistakes can lead to a denial of the claim. One of the mistakes is failing to make consultations with a disability insurance lawyer. It is important to consult a lawyer experienced in the area before submitting a claim (Hamilton, 2015). The insurance provisions for disability vary widely regarding coverage and wording used. Each insurance policy needs to be reviewed individually, and this is where the lawyer comes in. Billing specialists should coordinate with the lawyer when interpreting the policy and provide relevant information to the insurance company.

Another grave mistake is failing to document the claim review process adequately. When talking with the insurer while filing the claim, it is significant to write things down to assist in remembering what was said in case of any problems that may arise later (Hamilton, 2015). It is also significant to take note of the person whom they speak with in the process. This paper trail can be used to a later date to as evidence for unfair treatment. Filing specialists should ensure that from the first call to the insurance company, everything is documented in details.

Another mistake is attending an independent medical exam blindly. If asked to submit an independent medical examination paid for and chosen by the carrier, one must ensure that the carrier is allowed to conduct the exam as per the policy (Hamilton, 2015). If the policy requires a medical exam, then there is no need to submit a psychological test. Tests not in the policy are used as the ground for the denial, and thus the filing specialist should work with a lawyer to protect their rights.

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