Complete your research on your chosen company that has experienced  fraudulent activity. Once your research is complete you will need to do  the following:

Combine your work from previous modules, incorporating any instructor  feedback and address the following in a paper on the company:

  • Issue – What types of fraudulent activity occurred?
  • Facts – Where did this activity take place? What was the scenario? Who was involved?
  • Weaknesses – What were the weaknesses within the company’s internal control structure that allowed for the fraud to occur?
  • Outcome – What was the court decision in this case?
  • Prevention/Detection – How would you have prevented and/or detected this fraud?
  • Financial Impact – What was the total dollar value of loss due to the fraudulent activity?
  • What are the ethical issues surrounding those involved in the  fraudulent activity? How did the unethical behavior of those involved  impact the organization?
  • Please make sure that you are following APA format for the title  page, in-text citations and the reference page. Your citations must be  in APA format. Your paper must also demonstrate effective usage of  English grammar and mechanics. Provide a full essay, including an  introduction and conclusion paragraph.

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