Government bill tracking


1) Determine how you will use the online, BlackBoard group resource for your group.

2) As a group, you will determine how you will present information to the class. All presentations have to cover the questions listed below (see Question Prompts); how your group covers the questions is up to you.

3) Assign each team member a different speaking prompt or role in the presentation. All students have to present something to the class in order to earn points.

4) Remember, time is limited. Use your time efficiently so that all group members have a chance to present.


  • What is the content of the bill? What is the bill trying to accomplish?
  • What area of public policy does this bill fall under? Is it connected to other policy issues?
  • How will the law be implemented if passed? Who is responsible for administering the law? Are there fees, fines, jail time, etc.?
  • What are the larger state and national issues that this bill relates to? Have there been any efforts made in this subject area in other states or on the national level? Successes? Failures?
  • Discuss the arguments for and against passage of the bill. What interest groups were involved in testimony? If testimony was not taken, what groups supported passage or were against it?
  • What stage did the bill make it to?
  • Were there any significant hurdles getting through the bill stages?
  • If it passed, is there the threat of litigation concerning the bill?
  • If it did not pass, is this an issue that is still of concern and might be reintroduced in the next session?


You do not have to limit your discussion to the above. Feel free to add additional information that you discover or find interesting from your research.


There are many ways that you can present the material; use your collective thoughts and brilliant ideas to come up with the presentation method that suits your group and the material. In the past, students have:

  • Presented as a panel discussion with one student acting as the emcee with specific questions asked from the panel of “experts”.
  • Presented as a debate.
  • Presented through role playing, with each student taking a role germane to the topic. (i.e. bill author, witness for or against the topic, citizen affected by the decision, etc.)
  • Presented as speakers using a PowerPoint guided presentation.

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