As a healthcare administrator for a big healthcare organization, one of your roles is to ensure
that the organization you manage continues to lead in adapting evidence-based healthcare
when providing healthcare services. In your consultation with experts in this area, you have
come to learn that to be successful all your staff must see the value in employing evidence based
healthcare in practice. For this reason, you think it will be a great idea to work with the
communications department to spread the message. The communications department
decides that you should deliver a short overview (video) that highlights the following:
1. Discuss why empirical evidence from quantitative studies will benefit your
organization. Provide at least two examples where results from quantitative studies
have been used to improve operation and decision-making in healthcare organizations
in the past.
2. Detail the type of research and library skills that will enhance your organization’s staff
utilization of empirical findings in key decisions.
3. Provide scenarios and/or examples of how evidence-based healthcare can help
improve health outcomes and your organization’s bottom-line.
In preparation to deliver this audiovisual recording that will be featured on your organization’s
website, write a speech transcript and deliver an audiovisual recording.
Your report will be scored based on your ability to demonstrate understanding of important
research concepts that you were introduced to earlier this week. Your competency will only
come through if you understand the key concepts in this week. For this reason, you are
encouraged to take your weekly readings and resources seriously.
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