Healthcare regulation

1 Discuss controversies surrounding the development of the government’s role in providing, financing, and regulating health insurance and health services.  Include in your discussion the economic reasons for government intervention in a market based health care system.  Please be sure to incorporate the reasons identified in your text as well as any additional reasons you wish to provide.  Provide a critique of these reasons

2. Discuss the structure, conduct and performance of the pharmaceutical industry.  How does its structure, conduct and performance impact patients?  Given the structure, conduct and performance of the pharmaceutical industry, predict the responsiveness of the industry to a common disease as compared to a very rare disease.  Assume both diseases have very similar impacts on patients.

3.  Some view health care systems of other developed countries as reasonable models for the reform of U.S. health care system.  Choose one of the health care systems covered in chapter 14 of your text and describe it in some detail.  Provide reasons why you consider it a workable or unworkable model for the United States

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