Compare and Contrast the difficulties today to the 1970s. Remember to examine the similarities and differences. (Mention examples).

Example of what to references in the discussion:

“The 1970s were one of the worse decades in the 20th century. In many ways, Americans suffered. These are the following events or concepts of the decade that will help: Watergate, stagflation, Oil Crisis, Soviet aggression, conservatism, Prop 13, Religious Right, Iran, deindustrialization, Sagebrush Rebellion, Nixon and China, and more. These are the ones I came up with, but feel free to think of another one.”

Please follow the link below to get example from the article. 



Discussion Two: The Modern Workforce

What are the major concerns for the future workforce for the state? In your experience and opinion, what can the state do to solve this issue? Finally, has this issue altered your job or career choice in the present or past? This still applies to those unsure of their career goals (I went through the same struggles).

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