• Construct a 6-8 slide Power Point
  • Follow the directions in the rubric.
  • Paraphrase in order to avoid plagiarism.
  • You can choose from a host of historical figures who each have made important contribution to European and/or American Physical Education. We suggest you choose from the following key people (not listed in any particular order of importance):
  1. Charles McCloy
  2. Eleanor Metheny
  3. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
  4. Per Henrik Ling
  5. Catherine Beecher
  6. Dudley Sargent
  7. William G. Anderson
  8. Delphine Hanna
  9. Thomas Wood
  10. Clark Hetherington
  11. Rosiland Cassidy
  12. Luther Gulick
  13. Jesse Feiring Williams
  14. Rudolph Laban
  15. Delbert Oberteuffer
  16. Blanche Trilling
  17. Kenneth Cooper

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