TERMS & NAMES For each term or name below, briefly explain its importance to European
exploration and the development of China and Japan.
1. Bartolomeu Dias
2. Vasco da Gama
3. Treaty of Tordesillas
4. Dutch East India Company
5. Ming dynasty
6. Manchus
7. Qing dynasty
8. Oda Nobunaga
9. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
10. Tokugawa Shogunate
Europeans Explore the East Section 1 (pages 529–535)
11. What factors helped spur European exploration?
12. What role did Portugal’s Prince Henry play in overseas exploration?
13. What was the significance of Dias’s voyage? da Gama’s voyage?
14. Why were the Dutch so successful in establishing a trading empire in the Indian Ocean?
China Limits European Contacts Section 2 (pages 536–541)
15. Why did China not undergo widespread industrialization?
16. What did Christian missionaries bring to China?
17. What are five reasons the Ming Dynasty fell to civil disorder?
Japan Returns to Isolation Section 3 (pages 542–547)
18. Why was the time between 1467 and 1568 called the period of the “Warring States”?
19. What was the difference between the Confucian ideal of society and the real society of
20. How did the Japanese express themselves culturally under the Tokugawa shoguns?
Discussion question
Choose one European country from the following list: England, France, the Netherlands,
Portugal, or Spain. What was their motivation for exploration during the 15th, 16th, and
17th centuries, and do you agree with their motivation? Who were the key people
involved in the exploration process for your selected country