Briefly explain the importance of each of the following to the Ottoman, Safavid, or Mughal empires.
1. Suleyman
2. devshirme
3. janissary
4. shah
5. Shah Abbas the Lawgiver
6. Akbar
7. Sikh
8. Taj Mahal
The Ottomans Build a Vast Empire Section 1 (pages 507–511)
9. Why were the Ottomans such successful conquerors?
10. How did Mehmed the Conqueror show his tolerance of other cultures?
11. Why was Selim’s capture of Mecca, Medina, and Cairo so significant?
Case Study: Cultural Blending Section 2 (pages 512–515)
12. What are some of the causes of cultural blending in the Safavid Empire?
13. In what ways did the Safavids weave foreign ideas into their culture?
The Mughal Empire in India Section 3 (pages 516–523)
14. In what ways did Akbar defend religious freedom during his reign?
15. How did Akbar’s successors promote religious conflict in the empire?
Discussion question –
As Islamic empires grew from about 1300-1700, which empire do you believe was the most
influential and why? Choose from the Ottomans, Safavids, or Mughals, and defend your
choice well with historical evidence and support.