HLTENN037 Perform clinical assessment and contribute to planning nursing care

Short Answers

  1. What are the stages of adulthood? List any two (2) major age-related changes in the last stage of adulthood.
  2. Briefly explain the aWellness approacha to health. How does preventative care help in supporting the wellness approach? Give a minimum of one (1) example.
  3. Read through the Department of Health website page for Analysis and Interpretation of Data. URL is given here: (https://www1.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/Home) After reading the information, briefly write how the data collected from the healthcare environment are interpreted and analyzed.
  4. Describe the factors contributing to physiological and psychosocial wellness.
    • 4.1: Physiological wellness:
    • 4.2: Psychosocial wellness:
  5. Briefly describe the physical growth and psychosocial, cognitive, and motor development of a child.
    Physiologic development Psychosocial development Cognitive development Motor development

    • 5.1: Infant (0- 1year)
    • 5.2: Toddler (1-3 years)
    • 5.3: Pre-schooler (3-5 years)
    • 5.4: Schooler (5-12 years)
  6. What is aReablementa? Give a minimum of one (1) example.
  7. Describe the discharge planning process
  8. Explain how you would assist a person in the following Activities of Daily Living (30-40 words each) and mention one (1) aid which you would use to assist each of the activities
    • 8.1: Dressing and grooming of a client with left-sided weakness or paralysis.
    • 8.2: Assisting a client with severe osteoarthritis-related deformities in their joints with feeding.
  9. Define growth and development. List down the stages of growth and development of a human being.
  10. Why is it important to collect a family history of a client? How does collecting family history or understanding genetics and environment help enrolled nursing practice in primary health care? Give an example
  11. Explain any three (3) impacts of the family on gender-specific health care needs, e.g., Infertility.
    • 11.1: Emotional effects
    • 11.2: Social effects
    • 11.3: Self-esteem
    • 11.4: Relationship
  12. Explain the principles of health assessment with examples.
  13. As your body grows older, there are changes in tissues and body systems. Explain the age-related changes for each organ or body system and identify how this would present in the client / what changes they would encounter in daily living activities
    • 13.1: Nervous system
    • 13.2: Cardiovascular system
    • 13.3: Respiratory system
    • 13.4: Renal system
    • 13.5: Gastrointestinal system
    • 13.6: Endocrine system
    • 13.7: Musculoskeletal system
    • 13.8: Integumentary system
    • 13.9: Immunity
  14. Many adverse events in hospitals and health care organisations around the world are caused by a failure to recognise and properly treat patients’ deteriorating physical and mental health
    • 14.1: Define clinical deterioration
    • 14.2: List down any four signs, symptoms of a deteriorating person.
  15. Briefly explain how and when to report personas deterioration?
  16. Case study: Carefully read the case studies below and address the following associated questions. The required word count for each question is 25-50 words. Please follow APA 7th Style of referencing.


Mr Phil is a 72-year-old client in your health care facility. You were handed over that Mr Phil had a fall yesterday. Usually, Phil is very chatty and pleasantly confused. As you do your handover checks, you notice that Mr Phil is unusually sleepy and is responding to voice. The handover revealed that he had not had breakfast or lunch and refused to get out of bed. Mr Phil was unusually troubled and rude to staff when help was offered and later got very sleepy. Answer the following questions based on the scenario and the post-fall management protocol relevant to your state. An example of the post-fall management protocol is available here.

  • 16.1
    What assessments would you conduct on Mr Phil? Why? Refer to post-fall management protocol.
  • 16.2
    In the ‘Progress Notes’ section below, document the above case/ incident and its management. Make sure you date and time your entry, including your name and position as an EN.
    Link to handout