Due today in 5 hours. I have an example of the paper. The whole thing and the links to the cases. It cannot be similar to the example I have because then we will both fail.

You need a cover page, abstract, table of contents and page numbers for your paper. The names of all the group members should be listed.
The paper should be in your own words (no cutting and pasting from the web). Everything should be carefully proofread and the writing should be clear, concise, and polished.
Answer to each of the following question should be less than two double spaced pages. Do not engage in an information dump in your answers. Your answers should be well thought out, clearly written, concise and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the issues in these two cases. If your answer is disorganized and hard to follow or understand, that will put your group at a serious disadvantage. Each Group Member should thoroughly proofread the final draft before submission.
1. Summarize the Mark Hurd incident (CEO of Hewlett Packard) that led to his departure from Hewlett Packard. (20%).
2. Summarize the more recent case of  McDonald’s former CEO Steve Easterbrook who was similarly fired by the Board of Directors (20%).
3. What are the similarities between the two cases? (20%)
4. What are the differences between the two cases? (20%)
5. What are the HR lessons from these two cases? (20%)

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